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Landelijke Dierenbescherming

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1971 *
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1996-97 *
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Lekker vlees in Limburg
Agro Kennis Netwerk.

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1976 *
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1981 *
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Dierenfabrieken: de massaproduktie van vlees en eieren en de gevolgen daarvan voor het leven van consumenten, boeren, en de dieren zelf. Baarn.

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Meatless Meals for Working People
The Vegetarian Resource Group. (#)

Mehr Zukunft für die Erde
Untersuchungs-Kommision des Deutschen Bundestages zum Schutz der Erdatmosphäre rapport van de Enquete-Kommision. (#)

Melwani, Lavina
1994 *
Review of Berry's "Famous Vegetarians". [Over:] Berry 1994. ARRS.

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1995 *
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2008 *
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1996 *
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1995 *
[Over:] Masson & McCarthy (1993). (#)

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1998 *
Communication skills among apes charted. Reuters News Service Philadelphia February 15, 1998. Nieuwsgroep-posting from Andrew Gach. AR-News, Sun 15 Feb 1998 09:44:01.

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Le Mouvement Végétariste
zja, zjb, zjc, zjd
-Non, Jésus n’était pas végétarien !
-Le végétarisme n'est pas une poubelle !
-La chair et el sang : est-il possible d'être à la fois chrétien et végétarien ?
-Le Combat végétariste: entraves & handicaps.

Mudure, Mihaela

Shelley and Vegetarianism.

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1997 *
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They Shall not Hurt or Destroy: Moral and Theological Objections to the Human Exploitation of Nonhuman Animals. (#)

Museum of Paleontology
Carolus Linnaeus. The Museum of Paleontology of The University of California at Berkeley and the Regents of the University of California.

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You Can Save the Animals: 251 Ways to Stop Thoughtless Cruelty. (#)

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NewTel Volunteers Pages
Edward Carpenter'. Newtel, 1st December 1996.

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1969 *
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2007 *
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Nonrecommended books

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NRC Webpagina's

Nuyens, F.J.C.J.
Mens en dier bij Aristoteles. (#)

O'Driscoll, Donal
What Sort of Vegetarian was Hitler?.

Office of Technology Assessment U.S.
Congress 1986 Alternatives to Animal Use in Research Testing and Education.

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Omzet varkens
1998 *
'Omzet sector varkens daalt twee miljard'. In: NRC Webpagina's 14 januari 1998. (#)

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Natuurgeneeswijze en schoolgeneeskunde: Kritiek op de 'Gevaren der zoogneaamde natuurgeneeswijze' van arts J. Stärcke.
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Animal Rights: Yes or No. (#)

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My Year of Meats.

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•zjb *
Not (yet) published article on Jesus and vegetarianism. (#)

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De luis in de pels.

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•1997 *
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Nakend op de fiets.

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Persbericht Milieudefensie
'Koos van Zomeren neemt fakkel over'. 24 oktober 1997.
'Poster 'Varkens in Nood' vanaf dinsdag op 225 stations'. 17 november 1997.
'Opgemerkt'. Milieudefensie okt 1997.

Perseus Encyclopedia

Persinfo PVE
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The PETA Guide to Action for Animals

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zj *
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zj *
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Poster-actie varkenshouderij groot succes!

Potts, Richard
Old tools.
•1988 *
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Poultry Slaughter

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zj *

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1978 *

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1997 * *

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Quotable Quotes
1998 *

American Vegetarians. Last updated: January 28, 1998.

Rabe, Otto

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• Life ater death
• Animal sacrifice
• Homo sapiens
• Ecology and christian activists
• After the fall
• Killing in jonesboro
• The lion who lay down with the lamb
• Slaughter of the innocent
• Jews, christians, and hunting
• God's covenant with all creatures
• Why methuselah lived so long
• Animal and human companions
• The biblical basis of vegetarianism
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Note (in English)

This bibliography of vegetarianism was initially meant for personal use only. I needed a list of publications about vegetarianism and related subjects. So, this 'bibliography' still has a personal character. Some titles are incomplete or erroneous.
Titles with a * and titles with an internet link have been consulted for my dutch website about the history of vegetarianism.

Needless to say, this book list is far from complete. It is also not very systematic or consistent. The emphasis is on history, philosophy and ethics of vegetarianism, veganism, animal rights, animal protection, animal liberation and the human-animal relationship. Alos included are titles that have been consulted for this website but have no direct relation with vegetarianism. Titles about pets, prehistorical man, zoos, ethology, animal or comparative psychology, leather clothes and shoes, etc. have only occasionally been included. Recepy books and strictly medical, dietistic and many other very technical publications are mostly excluded.

Symbols and abbreviations
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