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Alcock, Sue
Food in the Ancient World: Subsistence and Symbol. Classical Civilization 452, University of Michigan. Last updated September 2, 1996 by Melanie D. Grunow.

Alternatives to Animal Testing Bibliography
By the staff of the Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) of the Specialized Information Services Division (SIS) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). From searches performed in MEDLARS databases.

Animal Abuse, Child Abuse, and Violence: A Bibliography

Animal Emancipation
Animal Rights Bibliography.

Bibliography for Paleolithic Diet vs. Vegetarianism interviews

Clearwater Public Library
Vegetarianism Bibliography.

Dyer, Judith
Vegetarianism: An Annotated Bibliography. Metuchen, New Jersey, and London.

Verder lezen.

Hinman, Lawrence M. (ed)
Ethics: The Moral Status of Animals. Updated December 02, 1999.

Index to Society and Animals
Society and Animals.

The InterActions Bibliography
A quarterly publication prepared by David C. Anderson (Rockydell Resources, 8732 Rock Springs Road, Penryn CA 95663, USA). ('The human-animal relationship'.)

Jesus' Diet
Bibliography & Recommended†Reading. ('Fasting, vegetarian diet, and natural healing'.)

Kistler, John M.
Animal rights; a subject guide, bibliography and internet companion. Westport, Conn.

Literatuur over dierenrecht
Literatuur over dierenrecht in de Koninklijke Bibliotheek. Animal Freedom. Versie 12/21/99.

Magel, Charles R.
A Bibliography on Animal Rights and Related Matters. Washington, D.C.
•1989 (1993)
Keyguide to Information Sources in Animal Rights. Londen.

Manzo, Bettina
Animal Rights Movement in the U. S., 1975-1990: An Annotated Bibliography.

Miller & Williams
De bibliografie hieruit. Zie PUBLIKATIES hieronder.

Nordquist, Joan
Animal rights: a bibliography. Comp. by Joan Nordquist. Santa Cruz, CA.

Saxton, Ken
1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Natural Living and Running Barefoot Websites: Food and Health Bibliography.

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Bibliography of Vegetarian Material.

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Animal Welfare: A Bibliographic Guide. Revised 24 September 1998. Yale University.

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Anthrozoological Resources. Last updated 28th December 1997. ('readily available and accessible literary resources on human-animal relations'.)

Vegetarian Society
Information Sheet Health and Vegetarians. Part 5, Bibliography/References.

Vegetarian Union of North America
Guide for Local Vegetarian Groups: Vegetarian Publications: A selection of cookbooks, books, and periodicals on vegetarianism.

Wilson, Peter
Ethics vs. Science: Lessons of the Holocaust.

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Published by The American Vegan Society (AVS). Quarterly.

Alternatives to Laboratory Animals

Maanschrift aan de belanger der dieren gewijd. Verschenen vanaf 1868.

Animal Behaviour

Animal Regulation Studies

Animal People

Animal Rights & Welfare


The Animals' Agenda
Sinds 1986 toen Agenda samenging met the Animal Rights Network News. Verschijnt 10 keer per jaar.

Animals Magazine
Boston, MA.

The Animals' Agenda
Syracuse, NY.

The Animals' Voice
Los Angeles.


Between the Species

Ethics and Animals

Farm Animals

The FARM Report
Newsletter of Farm Animal Reform Movement.

Etica & Animali

Feminists for Animal Rights

How on Earth!
Oxford. ('A quarterly magazine supporting young vegetarians'.)

International Journal for the Study of animal Problems

International Journal of Laboratory Animal Science and Welfare

Jaarboekjes van de Nederlandsche Vegetariërsbond
Verschenen in 1909 - 1913, 1916 en 1918

The Jewish Vegetarian

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science

Journal of Comparative Psychology

Journal of Nutrition

Laboratory Animals

Blad van de Nederlandse Vegetariërs Bond.

Leven & Laten Leven
Blad van de Nederlandse Vegetariërs Bond.

New Vegetarian and Natural Health *
Roger French, Mark Berriman, Loren Lembke, Gina Fraser (eds). Paddington, Australia. ('Australian health magazine with a vegetarian bent'.)

Society and Animals
('our experience of nonhuman animals'.)

Vegan Forum
'for Australian Vegans'. Elizabeth Wolf (ed). Vegans International, Lismore, Australia.

The Vegan Magazine
Quaterly. From the Vegan Society.

Vegetarian Journal
Tweemaandelijks. By The Vegetarian Resource Group. Baltimore.

Vegetarian Times
Maandelijks. Illinois. By Vegetarian Times.

Vegetarian Times Popular

Vegetarian Traveler Magazine

Vegetarian Voice
By the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS). New York.

Der Vegetarier

Vegetarische bode
Orgaan van den Nederlandschen Vegetariersbond: maandblad gewijd aan de belangen van het vegetarisme in den ruimsten zin. Verscheen van 1897-1971. Voortgezet als: Leven & laten leven.

Vegetarische kring in Indië
Verschrenen van 1904 tot 1913. Vanaf 1912 De ware voeding.

De vegetarische revue
Maandblad ter aankondiging van tijdchriften en boeken over vegetarisme, natuurgeneeswijze en aanvewante onderwerpen. Enkele nummers verschenen 1909-1910.

Veggie Life
'bimonthly, from the USA'. EGW Publishing Company

Vibrant Life magazine *
'Health and fitness magazine'.

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Publications A - K

1000 Doctors (and many more) Against Vivisection
Introduced by Hans Ruesch. CIVIS/CIVITAS.

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1971 *

The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition. London etc. 1e dr. 1953.

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Cook Right for Your Type.

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Sexual politics of meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory. Cambridge.
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De vegetarische voedingswijze: een onderzoek naar de wenschelijkheid harer toepassing voor gezonden en zieken. Uit het Duits vertaald. Amersfoort.

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1938 (1966)
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Vegetable Diet As Sanctioned By Medical Men and By Experience in All Ages. Boston.
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Man Kind? Our Incredible War on Wildlife. New York.

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Animal Ingredients A to Z
E.G. Smith Collective (Compiler). AK Press Distribution, 2nd ed.

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Everyday Ways to Save Animal Lives. New York.

Animal Welfare Institute
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Factory Farming: The Experiment That Failed. Animal Welfare Institute, Washington.
Animals and Their Legal Rights: A Survey of America Laws from 1641 to 1990. 4th ed. Washington, DC: Animal Welfare Institute.

Announcements 1990-1995
Maureen Koplow. ADVANCE.

Anthology of Poetry
Compiled by John Davis. ARRS.

Appleby, Michael

Do Hens Suffer in Battery Cages? St Petersfield.

Appleby, Michael C. & Hughes, Barry O. (eds)
Animal Welfare.

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1995 *
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Politics. Transl. Benjamin Jowett. The Internet Classics Archive.
•1994-98b *
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Heavens below: Utopian experiments in England 1560-1960.

ARRS Quotations
Compiled by John Davis. ARRS.
• Quotations on Cruelty
• Quotationson Equality
• Quotations on Experimentation
• Quotations on Experimentation 2
• Quotations on Farming
• Quotations on Food Choices
• Quotations on Hunting
• Quotations on Judaism and Christianity

Arundale, G.S.
The World Crucifiction, The Vegetarian Way, proceedings of the 24th World Vegetarian Conferences. Madras, India.

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Bevrijding van het leven
Delen uit het rapport van het overleg van de Afdeling Kerk & Samenleving van de Wereldraad van Kerken (Genève) betreffende de omgang met dieren. Annecy, Frankrijk 10-16 september 1988. Oorspr. Liberation of Life.

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Bibel und Vegetarismus

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Quelques citations de végétariens connus.

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• Human Superiority
• Baiting Animal Advocates
• Begging the question
• More question Begging
• Qualitative Differences Between Humans and Nonhumans: The Problem of Darwin's Continuum
• Hunters and Poachers: The Problems of Definition
• Animals and Moral Conduct
• A Dilemma or More Confusion?
• Religion and Animal Rights
• Racism, Sexism, and Speciesism
• The Use by Animal Advocates of Medications Rights
Animal Rights Commentaries. Featured on 'Walden's Pond,' a program devoted to health, animal rights, and socialist ecology. Rutgers ARLC.
• 04-12-1997: The Killing of Noah's Ark Shelter Cats -- Such a Little Harm?
• 08-05-1997: 1997 British Elections: What's New About 'New Labour'?
• 27-02-1997: Hello, Dolly
• 12-12-1996: Vegetarian Diets in Prisons
• 24-10-1996: Hunter Harassment?
• 01-08-1996: False Choices: Your Child or Your Dog
• 25-04-1996: Moral Absolutism and Animal Rights
• 18-04-1996: Abortion and Animal Rights
• 21-03-1996: Sexism and Animal Rights
• 14-03-1996: Animal Rights and the Left
• 29-02-1996: Nazis and Animal Rights
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The Implications of Nazi Animal Protection
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Benefits from the Animal Experimentation of Dr. Tom Gennarelli
Re: BGH/BST in MILK causes cancer!
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 15:48:06 -0500
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