text outside table
step inside

welcome inside a problem

I am having problems with nested tables
this is table 0
the specifications for this table:

table width="679" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="50" background="Image100.jpg

let's now step inside a second, nested table

nested table 1a
table border="1"

hi again ! this is a simple, hopefuly transparant table
just the border=1 is specified

nested table 1b with a random bgcolor
table border="1" bgcolor="DDCCBB"

background not specified
background image100.jpg of table 0 not repeated: at least not in explorer
but what about netscape??

nested table 2 with identical bgcolor
table border="1" bgcolor="#E6DCC3"

a useful trick: make bgcolor and background the same (#E6DCC3)

you still may not have noticed any problems in tables 1 & 2
the thing is, netscape seems to repeat background image100.jpg in these tables
the tables are not transparant. Or are they?

here are two pictures (not entirely identical) of how fragments of this page look in explorer & netscape respectively
watch the backgrounds:

. . .

see ?
netscape repeats the background of table 0

let's now try to solve this problem with a trick or two ...

nested table3
table background="x.jpg"

does non-existent image x.jpg mislead netscape?

nested table 4
border="1" background="x.jpg" bgcolor="#E6DCC3"

an attempt to overrule non-transparancy with bgcolor E6DCC3

nested table 5
border="1" background="dot.jpg

dot.jpg is a one-pixel image of color E6DCC3
this should overrule netscape
does it ?

did you get rid of the repeated background ?

explore 'n escape
you're out again